Q: Can I have a discount code for my followers? / I'd like to promote Mallow on my socials.
A: Please DM us on instagram, we can potentially look at organising a discount code or collaborate if you meet our influencer criteria.  

Q: Where is Mallow made?
A: All our products are handmade In Sydney, NSW and all our ingredients and packaging is sourced and purchased within Australia and from Australian businesses.

Q: Are your products cruelty free and vegan?
A: Mallow is proud to only stock cruelty free and vegan friendly products. 

Q: How can I get bath bomb colour out of my bath?
A: Here are a few tips and tricks that will remove colour residue on your bath -
1. Hot water and baking soda: Fill your tub with hot water, add some baking soda and let it sit for 10-20 minutes, then rinse the water while gently wiping the tub with a sponge.
2. You can also try making a paste from baking soda and lemon and gently scrubbing the tub with a sponge.
3. If all else fails, try bleach and cold water instead of baking soda and hot water with step 1 

Q: I’ve had an allergic reaction, what do I do?
A: Please discontinue use and seek medical advice.
Mallow only uses TGA and FDA approved ingredients which means all our products are perfectly safe. Sometimes an allergy can occur because of a specific type of fragrance or a specific ingredient in our product. We recommend not using Mallow on your face as your face can be more sensitive.

Q: I got the wrong product/ items have been damaged in transit/have questions
A: Please contact us and provide your order number, or an email address. You can reach us through DM on instagram, or email us - info@mallowau.com and we will get that sorted.