About us

We are Mallow and we are obsessed with making you, ourselves and other beautiful Aussies feel better than good!

The best way we know how is by making fun, all-natural, extremely smelly (the good kind of course) products that we have perfected through hundreds of tests with our bare hands!

Have you ever bought a candle, and brought it home all excited to infuse your house with a lovely smell...

Only to catch yourself with your nose 15 cm away from the flame trying to see if you accidentally bought a scentless candle?

That won't happen with our products! Who buys a candle just for light these days anyways?

Nobody that can be trusted.

Although the name "Mallow" suggests being soft, calm and easy-going, that's just how you should FEEL when using our products.

But in all honesty, our products are fun, courageously bold, and make an impression you'll remember like your first crush that got away.

And if not... let's just try a different flavor together.

We won't stop until you feel better than good!

Warning: many of our customers complain about friends, family and random house guests that see, smell or use even the smallest amount of our product, end up trying to steal that product for themselves.

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue, so please make sure to protect your Mallow products before they go missing. 


Want to contact us or just chat?

Email us at: info@mallowau.com

or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook 🥰